New Members are always welcome. There is a joining fee of £5.00, with an annual membership fee of £10.00 for juniors who are under the age of 18 and must be accompanied by an appropriate adult; £20.00 for individuals and £25.00 for a family and £5.00 for temporary membership (only applicable to those taking their first Puppy Training Course, and can be offset against full membership fee if joining in calendar same year) - all irrespective of the numbers of dogs!  Membership runs for the 12 months ending on 31st December, but if you join the Club after 30th September then your membership is valid for the following year.  Otherwise membership must be renewed by 31st January or it will expire and the joining fee will have to be paid again. To download or print a new membership form click here). All members training at the Club must also complete a liability form - this can be downloaded from here.

For any inquiries please use the ‘Contact the Club’ button on the Club page or contact   Directions to the Club can be obtained from here.

Your Committee welcomes and appreciates suggestions from Members about how to improve the facilities we have at the Club and what we are able to offer all our Members.  However, before making these suggestions it would be beneficial if you could put in writing ways that the Club could pay for them, if there is a cost involved, ways YOU could implement these ideas rather than expecting one of your hard pressed Committee to do so and indeed if your idea is actually beneficial to all Members.  Additionally if you think there are things that you have to offer the Club then maybe you could seek nomination for the Committee where you will be better placed to progress your suggestions.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

A range of Club clothing is available for all Members.  Sue O’Neill, under the banner Gaz Graphics, offers an extensive range of Club Clothing in addition to a huge range of other related products.  To see her range of Club clothing please click here.  She can be contacted either by email at or on 01981 251475 (after 5pm), - a web site is soon to be launched.  All orders are delivered free to the Club House!

Every year the Club collects for a Charity as chosen at the AGM.  For 2015, the Club has chosen Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue and we hope that all Members will actively support the the efforts of the Club in raising as much money as possible for this very worthy cause.

KC Code of Conduct
The Kennel Club have issued an updated Code of Conduct which is available to view by clicking here.  This Code of Conduct is in addition to and does not replace the Club Rules which are shown by following the link in General Matters.  As the Club is affiliated to the Kennel Club, we and our Members are required to comply with all the relevant points set out in the Code of Conduct.  

Golden Valley Dog Training Club

Club Officers

President and Chairman:
Robert Andrews

Marie Lou Parker


Sonja Smith

Sue Baigent

To contact any of the above please use ‘Contact The Club’ on the Club page.